Your consumers are talking, so should you. Share anonymous retail price data from your inventory or POS system with our easy to use platform. Competitor access available!

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We give you the tools to access sales data in your marketplace. Our website allows you to communicate sales data with nearby competitors who sell similar products. See your competition's prices and sales figures today. We do business with legitimate retailers only, no actual drug dealers

  •  Extend Your System

    • Our platform can import data from a variety of Inventory POS systems
    • Once in our system, access your entire sales operations in a graph view
    • Compare sales figures for your products at different time periods
    First step, export sales data from your inventory point-of-sale system Last step, use our graphing tools to manage sales and view trends Second step, import relevant fields from your data into our system
  •  Trend Analysis

    • Most inventory systems have what you need. We give you the essential extras
    • View sales trends in your business using a simple, clean interface
    • Find your best and worst selling products
    • Stop inventory product losses by reviewing your sales trends
    View trends among your sales
  •  Backup Your Data

    • Access your data 24/7 from our secured servers
    • Backup retail sales in case your system ever crashes. All FREE!
    Backup your sales data to our secured servers
  •  Access Competitor Data

    • Gain access to a network of similar businesses with similar data
    • View competitor's prices (running average) and units sold during specific dates

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